You can activate the OurBus wallet by logging in to the OurBus platform.

Once you are logged in, tap on more options and then tap on OurBus Wallet

Tap on the “Send Activation Code” button (please note this code will be valid  only for 15 minutes).An email with the wallet activation code will be sent to your email address.

Copy the code sent to your email, paste it on the wallet activation page, and tap on “ACTIVATE WALLET”.Alternatively, once you cancel a booking, refer to the canceled ticket email sent to your registered email address

In the canceled ticket email, you will see the text “Use code <******> in "OurBus Wallet" or click on <this link> to activate your wallet and use OurBus Wallet for your future transactions."This code expires in 15 minutes.”You can either copy the code shown in the text and paste it in the OurBus wallet section, or you can simply click on the link to activate the wallet.